Home Chef

For more than 10 years, the College of Health and Human Development and Department of Nutritional Sciences have offered the popular Cook Like A Chef! Summer Youth Camps. In 2014, we’re excited to expand our fun and educational cooking program for adults, The Home Chef.

  • Join Chef Kristi Branstetter to learn essential culinary methods to prepare you to create satisfying meals in your home.
  • This hands-on program will draw upon rich culinary international cooking to inspire you to cook like a chef at home. Learn the basic techniques from searing, roasting and braising to sauce preparation and decadent desserts.
  • Prepare an entire gourmet multi-course meal with fellow students using fresh ingredients – just like a chef!

The session will begin with an overview and demonstration. Next, participants will divide into small groups and prepare all the components of a multi-course meal, including appetizers, soups, main course and desserts. Finally, participants will sit down to share the meal together and discuss the preparation, the food, and the experience.