Getting Research Done and Disseminated

We have expertise in managing all aspects of small and large research projects from management of grant finances to implementing data collection and analysis. Additionally, we provide expertise in enhancing the visibility of research to help researchers and projects gain recognition, as well as create greater impact of research findings on both policy and practice in the field of health services.

Managing Finances

Let CHCPR’s Certified Research Administrators assist you with all financial aspects of your grant from start to finish. Based on the variety of sponsors with whom we have worked, we understand the unique characteristics of funding from the government, foundations, academic institutions, and industry. We offer individualized, one-on-one financial management consulting.

Strategic Budgeting

From pre-proposal budget preparation to post-award evaluation, we can provide a number of services to help you make the most of your grant:

  • “What If” analysis to consider multiple scenarios
  • Checklists to confirm you have considered the most common research-related expenses
  • Budget monitoring and evaluation so you don’t run afoul of grant restrictions
  • Budget amendments if your project changes direction
  • Budget reports to co-researchers
  • Periodic specialized budget reports to sponsors, if required

Financial Compliance and Fiscal Responsibility

We can provide support in conforming to the financial standards sponsors require. CHCPR staff members are here to:

  • Advise researchers on sponsor policies and rules to confirm audit integrity
  • Guide and interpret internal policies and guidelines
  • Determine and help meet reporting deadlines and regulations

Day to Day Purchasing and Accounting

We can handle your day to day fiscal tasks such as:

  • Purchasing materials and supplies, including cost comparisons and justifications as needed
  • Entering vendor invoices for payment
  • Processing expense reports
  • Maintaining appropriate financial records

Subcontract/Consultant Administration

When you need a collaborator let us assist with the details of obtaining required documentation from the institution/consultant and preparing appropriate justification and purchasing forms. We can also audit and confirm efforts and charges from suppliers.

Payroll Management and Human Resources

We can help with managing project staff by handling all human resources needs, which can include:

  • Negotiating cost sharing of graduate student researchers stipend and/or tuition
  • Placing hiring advertisements
  • Reviewing or filtering applicants
  • Processing new employee paperwork
  • Administering payroll functions
  • Advising and responding to employment or HR policy questions


Doing the Research

CHCPR has a number of project managers, research technologists, and analysts on staff who are experienced in coordinating and supporting publicly and privately funded studies and evaluations. Specializing in the multi-disciplinary field of health services research, we collaborate with investigators, other stakeholders and students in the conduct of all aspects of mixed-methods research from developing data collection instruments and procedures, to collecting and analyzing data.

Staffing a Project

CHCPR’s project managers can help you plan for and fulfill staffing needs to make sure your project stays on track. Some of the services we offer related to project staffing include the following:

  • Identifying staffing needs and developing organizational structures to fit the needs of the project
  • Handling hiring processes
  • Training and supervising staff and students

Managing Research Projects

Our project managers oversee the daily operations of your projects, which can involve:

  • Monitoring team progress and providing regular updates
  • Developing and overseeing project timelines
  • Ensuring that deliverables are produced on schedule
  • Handling communications and relationship building with project stakeholders
  • Managing qualitative and quantitative datasets
  • Recruiting research participants

IRB Compliance and Data Security

Most projects require compliance with certain standards for the protection of human subjects. The CHCPR staff is experienced in handling IRB proposals and data security for multiple types of data collection. We can advise you or even oversee work such as:

  • Submitting and managing IRB applications for the protection of human subjects
  • Developing and implementing data security plans to ensure the highest level of protection for project data
  • Establishing secure data archives and creating secure procedures for data access and transfer
  • Writing or reviewing data use agreements

Collecting and Analyzing Data

Beyond managing research logistics, CHCPR’s qualified research technologists and analysts can work with you to collect and analyze both qualitative and quantitative data.

Qualitative Data Collection Services:

  • Develop key informant interview protocols
  • Schedule and conduct telephone and in-person key informant interviews; our team has scheduled and conducted more than 1,000 key informant interviews
  • Track and monitor project activities, collect documentation data and maintain extensive information databases to inform project research and evaluation
  • Manage digital voice audio files and transcripts, including coordination with transcription firms
  • Develop codebooks and code data using popular qualitative software packages
  • Analysis of qualitative data using various techniques

Quantitative Data Collection Services:

  • Experience with web, mail, and telephone surveys
  • Design and develop survey instruments
  • Manage coordination with external survey vendors
  • Identify and obtain publicly available and restricted use secondary data sources
  • Analyze survey data using SPSS, SAS, and Stata — including linear and non-linear regressions, summary statistics, and creating graphs for visual analysis

Using Technology and Facilities

We can help you enhance your research through the use of CHCPR’s technology resources and facilities. We offer our researchers access to amenities such as:

  • Office space for student researchers and visitors
  • Audio and video conference room accommodations
  • Computing and printing equipment
  • Projectors and laptops
  • Software packages (i.e. Stata, SAS, Atlas.ti, Qualtrics, REDCap, etc.)
  • Lunch and learn sessions to get the “creative juices” flowing and build research team cohesion


Generating Visibility & Creating Impact

Translating and disseminating research findings to diverse audiences is critical at this time of rapid change and growth in health services. Many grants today include a range of requirements when it comes to disseminating findings, and enhancing the visibility of research findings can help researchers develop connections and advance their careers. Whether your research involves getting findings in the hands of users to influence policy and practice, or you simply wish to promote traditional publications to have a greater impact within academic communities, the CHCPR team is experienced in using various strategies and mediums to disseminate and promote your work. The CHCPR staff assists researchers in developing a plan for disseminating findings, which varies depending on grant requirements and the researcher’s interests.

Identifying and Understanding Research Audiences

Through our established network of health care professionals in research, practice, and policy, we help researchers identify the most appropriate audiences to which research findings can be promoted, as well as understand the needs of each particular audience.

Communicating and Promoting Findings

Communication tools and messaging can vary depending on dissemination objectives and research audiences. The CHCPR staff provides recommendations and helps researchers design dissemination strategies and messages to reach any target audience. The CHCPR team also coordinates dissemination efforts to ensure that the strategies developed are implemented effectively. Some examples of the mediums through which we have disseminated and promoted findings:

  • Article summaries
  • Press releases
  • Listserv announcements
  • Social media
  • Research briefs
  • Websites

Gathering User Feedback

CHCPR staff also helps researchers design and implement processes for gathering feedback from potential users in order to enhance research efforts and expand the reach of a project’s findings.


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