College Initiatives

Women's Leadership Initiative
The mission of the Women's Leadership Initiative is to educate, inspire, and empower the next generation of female leaders with the core values, attitudes and skills that are the foundation of quality leadership.
Global Leadership Initiative
The Global Leadership Initiative (GLI) is designed to prepare a select group of academically talented and highly motivated students for future leadership in areas related to global health and human development. Students will have a chance to enhance their leadership skills and global awareness through experiences abroad, in-class learning, communicating with an alumni mentor, and sharing international experiences with other students.
JumpStart Retreat and First-Year Seminar Program
JumpStart combines a dynamic two-day retreat for first-year students with a seven-week first-year seminar that is designed to launch your transition to college life by connecting you with a network of peers, student mentors, and faculty in the College of Health and Human Development.
The College of Health and Human Development Alumni Mentoring Program
The College of Health and Human Development Mentoring Program connects HHD students and alumni by matching students with professionals in their field(s) of interest who can offer advice and information about career options or other issues relevant to particular fields.