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Family members may play an important role in children’s and adults’ illness management, and a family approach to managing chronic illness may produce more effective, longer-term benefits for the patient. Lynn Martire, professor of human development and family studies, highlights dyadic intervention approaches for improving chronic illness management in this month’s issue of the American Psychologist.

Penn State nursing faculty members and an alumnus, who is a rural health leader, are recipients of The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing’s sixth annual Innovation Award.

A group of Penn State researchers has found that students who drink to relieve stress may be more likely to have problems with alcohol down the road.

Preeclampsia may permanently change the blood vessels of women who experience the condition during pregnancy, boosting their lifelong risk for cardiovascular disease, according to Penn State researchers. The findings may help researchers better understand how to treat women with preeclampsia.

Employers who support working parents and their personal lives can positively influence the well-being of those employees and help them have more positive perceptions of their personal lives, according to a Penn State study.

Eating almonds on a regular basis may help boost levels of HDL cholesterol while simultaneously improving the way it removes cholesterol from the body, according to researchers.

Coparenting relationships can suffer when mothers have stronger opinions than fathers about how to tend to their infants in the middle of the night, according to Penn State Health and Human Development researchers.

Infants with inhibited personalities are more likely to turn up their nose at new foods, according to researchers. The study found that infants who were wary of new toys also tended to be less accepting of new foods, suggesting early food attitudes stem from personality.

Mark Greenberg, Edna Peterson Bennett Endowed Chair in Prevention Research at Penn State, recommends social and emotional learning (SEL) programs as an ideal foundation for a public health approach to education.

Semyon Slobounov, professor of kinesiology at Penn State, will present the 2017 Pattishall Research Lecture. His lecture, which will be held on April 25 on the University Park campus, will address myths and realities about concussions, and new approaches to more accurately assess and treat concussive injuries.

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