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For patients with chronic conditions like arthritis or diabetes, arguments with a spouse may have physical repercussions, according to researchers. They found that in two groups of older individuals — one group with arthritis and one with diabetes — the patients who felt more tension with their spouse also reported worse symptoms on those days.

Experiencing trauma as a child may influence how much pain an individual feels in adulthood, according to Penn State researchers. Gaining insight about who feels more pain and why is important as issues like the opioid crisis continue to escalate.

Warm, nurturing parents may pass along strategies for building and maintaining positive relationships to their kids, setting them up for healthier, less-violent romantic relationships as young adults, according to researchers. In a study, adolescents who reported a positive family climate and their parents using more effective parenting strategies tended to go on to have better relationship problem-solving skills and less-violent romantic relationships as young adults.

A. Catharine Ross, professor of nutrition and physiology, and head of the Department of Nutritional Sciences, spent five months in Tokyo, Japan as a Fulbright lecturer and researcher. Ross taught an advanced nutrition course, gave lectures to graduate students on United States food policies and implications, and presented invited lectures at several universities and research institutes. She also conducted research on the traditional Japanese diet.

While speech-language pathologists support the concept of family-centered services when working with children who cannot meet their communication needs through their own speech due to autism or other disorders, a Penn State study shows that there are barriers to meeting this goal.

The extra amount of time needed to walk or bike to work is often cited as a reason most people drive instead. But people are often bad at guessing how it takes to get somewhere, and researchers say most people think it will take longer to walk or bike somewhere than it actually does.

Researchers in the College of Health and Human Development find hand choice can strain the mind when using Augmentative and Alternative Communication.

Prenatal exposure to androgens is not associated with girls spending more or less time with other girls, but was associated with an increased interest in activities that have traditionally been thought of as masculine, according to Penn State researchers, who say it supports the idea that gender development is complex and does not solely rely on either biological or social factors.

Moms who continue to co-sleep — by sharing either a room or bed — with their infants past six months were more likely to feel depressed, worried about their babies’ sleep and think their decisions were being criticized, according to Penn State researchers.

Black and Hispanic U.S. adults are half as likely as whites to drink tap water and more than twice as likely to drink bottled water, according to a recent Penn State analysis. The findings support past research that indicates that minorities and more vulnerable populations have a higher distrust of tap water in America, and that those who instead consume bottled water are at greater risk of health issues and financial burdens.

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