PYTR (30 Day Memo)


Inter-office Correspondence

DATE: October 24, 2011

FROM: Alicia Fetzer TO: Debbie Meder


Your approval of the attached salary transfer is requested because it is being processed in excess of the 30 day limit.

On 10/24/11, the Department discovered that John Smith (9-xxxx-xxxx) should have had 25% of his stipend and tuition charged to 423-XX/XXXXO for the month of August. At the time of posting the salary category for this budget had a balance of zero, for this reason the finance office placed the stipend on "223-XX/1001/ cc: temp sal". The account as a whole had enough money to cover this however being new to my position I was unaware that I should charge the account and the department could realign the budget. As soon as I was notified by the department, I processed the necessary payroll transfer to reflect the correct effort worked.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

FO Approval: ______________________________________

Mary Andrew

Financial Officer