Special Appointments

Special Appointments

Grad School Contact Cheryl Strouse 5-2514

University Grad Fellows (UGF)

  • Processed per Grad School Guidelines (receive from Amy Mitchell).
  • Amy Mitchell will send a list of the Universit Fellows.
  • Fellowship appointments paid direct to the account
  • Stipend and Tuition charged to 688-17 1001 cc: HHD

Knoll Distinguished Grad Fellow (DGF)-only 1

  • Process per the Distinguished Graduate Fellowship Guidelines.
  • Amy Mitchell will send who this is awarded to.
  • Fellowship appointments paid direct to the account.
  • Stipend/Tuition charge

- Fall

  • Stipend 989-03 19200
  • Tuition College HHD GIA-141-72 1001, NURS-GIA, 141-90 1001

-Spring-need to process a new NAPP for Soring

  • Stipend 688-17 1001 cc: HHD
  • Tutition 688-17 1001 cc: HHD

Bunton Waller Assistantship Awards

  • Process per guidelines (receive from Amy Mitchell).
  • Amy Mitchell will send list of the Bunton Waller.
  • Appointed as Assistandships
  • Stipend

- 232-02 1001 cc BW HHD

  • Tuition

- 141-83 1001 cc Bunton Waller

  • Summer Awards are distributed to the student accounts by Grad School.

NRSA Fellows (Pre Docs and Fellow Trainees)

  • Stipends must be paid based on the amounts on the NRSA Fellow website.

- Rates increse in October

- Generally the rates change notice is released in the early part of the calendar year. The last release was made 02/10/14 --


Funds for Excellence in Grad Recruiting (FEGR)

  • Money used to Top Up Grad Appointments received from Grad School and matched by college.
  • Amy Mitchell will send the departments their allocations.
  • Appointed as Assistantships.
  • Stipend.

- 223-02 1001 cc: appropriate department

  • Tuition

- Depends on appointment.

Kligman Fellows

  • Amy Mitchell sends award letter to the department.
  • The award letter includes the stipend grade the student should be paid.
  • Appointed as Assistantships.
  • Stipend and Tuition charged to 922-40 19200.

Graham Scholarships

  • Handled by the Grad School and put directly into the students accounts.
  • Can't be supported from any other University money...UGF, DGF, Bunton Waller or FEGR.