Summer Appointments

1. Grad Lecture/Researchers-Grad students teaching in the Summer Session and grad students conducting research toward the completion of their degree program can be appointed as a Grad Lecture/researcher (Fixed Term 2 contracts).

  • Lecture/Researchers can only be appointed during summer session and are expected to perform a teaching or a research function equivalent to the teaching or research function of a grad assistantship during fall and spring semesters.
  • They must be formally admitted as a degree seeking student in a grad program and completed at least 1 yr of grad training with some teaching experience as a grad assistand.
  • Lecture/Researchers are NOT required to enroll for any credits unless they are a first sememster grad student or are required to be enrolled by their grad program.
  • If registered requests for tuition assistance must be submitted via the web for dept. and college review/approval (Summer Tuition Assistance Program - only eligible if the student wasw on a fall and spring grad assistantshp or fellowship appointment prior to summer).
  • Appointment froms are processed through CHHD HR Office. If paid on research funds, fringe will be charged at the lower wage rate.

2. Summer Grad Assistantships - student may assist in the classroom or laboratory instruction, in research or in other work.

  • Grad assitants are required to be registered for classes.
  • Tuition is paid by the assistantship.
  • CHHD does not provide summer tuition slots and therefore tuition cannot be paid from the department tuition account (141-71 1001).
  • Grad assistantships are not eligible for the Summer Tuition Assistant Program.
  • Appointed via DRAG form which routes throught the Finance Office.
  • Note pad needs to state actually dates of work, will be paide July and August.
  • Terms of offer (of a Grad Assist) is required (retained in the department-Finance Office does not need to see them).
  • If paid on research funds, fringe will be the grade rate.

3. Summer Grad Students paid via Wages (WAGC) - Grad students can be paid wage payroll over the summer as long as they are NOT Teaching.

  • Not required to register for credits.
  • If registered can be eligible for the Summer Tuition Assistance Program (only appointment).
  • If paid on research funds, fringe will be charged the wage rate.