Plan Your Courses

You take 120 credits before you graduate – that’s about 40 courses. There are many requirements, making it tempting to just find a class - any class - that fits your schedule and meets the requirement. But if you mix career exploration with strategic course selection, you’ll see there are many ways to maximize the amount of relevant information you will learn in college.

There are a lot of ways to specialize your education. But don’t get overwhelmed. Each semester, you have a small number of choices to make. You will take a few required courses in your major, so there might only be 2-3 classes that you have to make a real decision about. The courses with the most opportunities for specialization are General Education Requirements, Supporting Courses in your Major, and HDFS Electives.

Finally, as you are reading through, you will see that the earlier you engage in career exploration, the more you will be able to take advantage of these opportunities. If you think about each course as an opportunity to explore a topic, build your knowledge in an area that interests you, or build marketable skills, you will choose your courses more strategically.

Places to Specialize Your Course Work

Learn how to use general education requirements, supporting courses, and HDFS electives, to build a schedule that meets your needs.