HDFS Children's Programs: Financial Assistance

Financial assistance for child care may be available from a number of sources. Contact the specific agency or organization for details:

Sliding fee scale

Reduced fees for both Hort Woods and BFC are available to those who meet income eligibility guidelines (verification required). Contact the centers for details. Download a PDF copy of the .pdf icon Sliding Fee Application.

Student parents

The Penn State Office of WorkLife Programs offers child care subsidies on a first-come basis to qualifying student parents. Contact the Office of WorkLife Programs for details (800-746-6759). Link to information on the OHR web page here: Subsidies for Student Parents.

Penn State employees

If you are employed by Penn State you have the option of using the Dependent Care Reimbursement Account for child care expenses. This is an alternative to the federal Child and Dependent Care Credit. Information about the Penn State Dependent Care Reimbursement Account is available from the Office of Human Resources.

Low-income working families

State child care subsidies through the Child Care Information System (CCIS) may be available for low-income working families through the Centre County CCIS, (814-231-1352). General information is available from the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Web site.

Families receiving cash assistance

State child care subsidies through the Department of Public Welfare may be available for those receiving cash assistance (814-863-6571).

Single student parents

Local child care subsidies for single student parents are available through Stand Together (814-237-1211).

Assistance through the federal tax code

  1. Earned Income Tax Credit
    This is a refundable Federal tax credit for low-income working families. The EITC reduces the amount of tax you owe, and may provide a refund. Further information is available through the web site for the United States Treasury.
  2. Child and Dependent Care Credit
    If you are working or looking for work and paid someone to care for a dependent child under age 13, you may be able to claim the credit for child and dependent care expenses. Further information is available through the web site for the United States Treasury.