Testimonials from parents

The Bennett Family Center has been an important part of our family’s life for many years. Our son entered the center as a toddler and continued through the kindergarten program, and our daughter has been in the center since she was a few months old.  They have thrived in the BFC’s magical environment.

The center emphasizes creative and varied learning opportunities each day that offer something for any child’s learning style. That kind of attention to multiple learning styles takes planning and expertise, both of which are evident every day at the BFC.  The combination of caring, expert teachers, an excellent ratio of teachers to children, innovative educational approaches, and a general atmosphere of excitement and play has helped make learning fun for our children.

The BFC also offers something that many early childhood education centers cannot. Its ties to the university’s multicultural, international community have given our children a broad perspective on the world that will serve them well. We also cannot say enough in praise of the BFC’s arts-based kindergarten program.  Our son attended it, and we were amazed not only that its teachers were able to give him such an academic edge in reading, math, and writing—putting him way ahead academically when he went into the school district—but also that they were able to give him such a strong foundation in all these subjects through the arts. (We fondly remember his coming home and announcing that his favorite painter was Claude Monet—soon replaced by Pablo Picasso!) To this day, he has a strong interest in all kinds of artistic expression. We will certainly send our daughter to the BFC kindergarten as well.

When our daughter graduates from the center next year, we will be sad to leave behind such a delightful episode in our children’s lives.  We owe the Bennett Family Center an enduring debt of gratitude for everything it has done for our kids.

-Mark Morrisson and Laura Reed-Morrisson

After attending CDL for about one and a half years, Steven can use English communicating with his teachers and classmates very well, and he made a great progress in social skills. Last night, he told me that one of his classmates' mom went to his classroom and made some rice cakes for celebrating Chinese New Year, and he asked me to write a letter to thank that classmate and his family for the delicious cakes. We are so happy that he can speak English very well and has many friends.

Thank you.

-Yanhua Wang mother of Steven

I spent the first 6 months of my twins' lives at home with them, with them rarely out of my sight. When they turned 6 months, I returned to work and they started daycare at the Child Development Lab's Sense of Wonder Room. I was anxious about the transition, but it could not have gone smoother. The staff at the CDL were extremely caring toward my children, and supportive of me and my husband during this transition. It is almost two years since they started and just about every day I think about how grateful I am for the amazing care they receive. I am able to do my job because I don't have to worry about the job the caregivers are doing. When my children are sick and have to stay home with a parent, they cry "I want to go to Sense of Wonder!" They talk about their caregivers all the time, and they are clearly integral parts of their lives. The things that impress me the most are not the daily care of feeding, diapering, napping -- although they are amazing at all of those things. The things that most impress me, though, are all of the enrichment materials. One of the first times my daughter peed on the potty was at daycare, and that has led to her transition to using it regularly. They do amazing art activities, read stories all the time, listen to music, go for walks, and explore their environments. Every day at the end of the day there is a report and the staff can remember how my children slept, how well they ate, and what they did all day. I often receive emails in the middle of the day with little stories about their activities, or photos from that very day. The staff don't just take care of my children -- they respect and nurture my children. I can't imagine what my life would be like without this level of care.

- Eva Lefkowitz mother of Jordan and Sarah

We would highly recommend the Bennett Center to all colleagues and friends with young children. It is top-notch on all dimensions.

We love everything about the Bennett Center. In fact, my husband and I often hang out there at the end of the day with our children, their friends, teachers and occasionally other parents. It is such a warm and welcoming environment.

The teachers are so caring and knowledgeable. They obviously love what they do and the children they spend time with. We could not be happier.

We love the "family aspect" of the Bennett Family Center. The welcome atmosphere, inclusion of family in class activities, the daily and weekly reflections, and special school-wide family events make it a real community. The location is also wonderful, as the children are close to where we both work, and they get to know the Penn State campus as well as we do, if not better.

Both of our children are having a ball learning new things, making friends, and truly growing on the inside and out. We have seen our 4 year old's love of outer space become part of the emergent curriculum, and the delight of our (then) 1 year old in seeing her class' broccoli grow out of the ground! We have also enjoyed seeing each child learn from older friends in class and grow to become helpers to younger friends.

- Jennifer Chang Coupland