Shannon  Corkery 

photo of Shannon Corkery

Director of HDFS World Campus Programs

Contact Information

109 Health & Human Development Building
University Park PA 16802


Research Interests

Commitment as a dimensional construct (structural, moral, and personal) and how dimensionalized commitment affects relational outcomes such as satisfaction, ambivalence, love, and sacrifices. Using interdependence and social exchange theories to investigate how self-driven, partner-driven, and relationship-driven motivations, as well as reciprocal interactions, influence relationships. The relationship between students and institutions of higher education in terms of commitment to higher education, school involvement, and institutional engagement. Teaching pedagogy and online course development.


B.S., 2008, Human Development & Family Studies and Psychology, Pennsylvania State University
M.S., 2011, Family Studies and Human Development, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Strategic Themes

  • Human Development