Adjunct Faculty in HDFS

  • Kaarin Anstey, Ph.D. Professor and Director, Ageing Research Unit, Centre for Mental Health Research, The Australian National University. Social contexts of adult development and health ageing; day to day life of adults after the age of 85, understanding mood, activity, cognition, and interpersonal relationships.
  • Denis Gerstorf, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, Institute for Psychology, Humboldt University in Berlin. Dr. Gerstorf is a lifespan developmental psychologist with a general research interest in better understanding heterogeneity and differential development across adulthood and old age.
  • Kimberly S. Van Haitsma, Ph.D., Associate Professor, College of Nursing, Director, Program for Person Centered Living Systems of Care. Senior Research Scientist, Polisher Research Institute, Abramson Center for Jewish Life, North Wales, PA. Research interests include Individualized Care Delivery, Dementia Care, Long-term care Staff Education, Depression, Quality of Life Measurement, Behavior Observation Methodology, Program Evaluation, Long-term Care Technology.
  • John R. Nesselroade, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology Emeritus, University of Virginia. Research interests include the study and modeling of intraindividual variability, individual-level modeling, and idiographic measurement procedures.
  • Rainer Silbereisen, Ph.D. Professor and Chair of the Department of Developmental Psychology at the University of Jena (Germany). Human Development across the life-span, particularly during adolescence and early adulthood. Dynamic interactionism, biological, psychological, and socio-cultural determinants of human development. The impact of social change on adolescent and young adult development.
  • Mark Stemmler, Ph.D. Professor in Psychological Diagnostics, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. Longitudinal data analysis and the development of social behavior and mental health in children and adolescents. Website: