Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood

Between the end of childhood and the adoption of adult roles and responsibilities, individuals undergo significant transformations in every major domain of life. HDFS graduate students work with faculty who study the transition to adulthood on projects examining a range of topics, including parent and sibling relationships, career development, peer networks, sexual and gender identity development, romantic and sexual relationships, alcohol and other substance use, and prevention and intervention. Research projects focus on individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds, including African Americans, Latino Americans, European Americans, and Asian Americans. Researchers in the department who focus on adolescence, emerging adulthood, and young adulthood use many different methods from survey questionnaires, web-based and telephone diary studies, qualitative interviews, to videotaped interactions. Many students and faculty in these areas have links with other areas and centers in the department, including the Prevention Research Center, the Center for Human Development and Family Research in Diverse Contexts, and the Methodology Center.

Faculty the department currently studying adolescence and emerging adulthood:

Mayra Bamaca

Bo Cleveland

Nan Crouter

Tony D'Augelli

Chuck Geier

Scott Gest

Eva Lefkowitz

Jennifer Maggs

Susan McHale