Ali Lambert

Ali LambertHometown: Westfield, NJ

Research/Academic Interests

I am interested in the administration side of the health field, as well as the policy issues that affect the way organizations are run. I also am interested in learning about all aspects of how a hospital is run, from the financial side to how an environment is created around the patient.

Prior Education

I am majoring in the integrated B.S./M.H.A. program in Health Policy and Administration at Penn State.

Employment History

The internship that I currently have is the first job that I have had in the healthcare field. It has given me some great experience and insight into how hospitals are run. I have been working on a few projects on the billing side of the system to try to learn ways in which claims can be sent to the payer faster.

Interests/Facts about Hometown

My hometown is about a 45-minute drive from New York City. It is a relatively small town with a number of restaurants and a movie theater and was a great town to grow up in!