Beatrice Abiero

Beatrice AbieroHometown: Tucson, Arizona

Research/Academic Interests

I have many research interests! I am particularly interested in understanding the cause of health disparities among minority populations and ways to incorporate spatial data in our understanding of health disparities. I am also interested in understanding the relationship between women’s empowerment and health outcomes in Sub-Saharan African countries.

Prior Education

I earned a Bachelor of Science in public health at the University of Arizona. My undergraduate program introduced me to major aspects of public health including biostatistics, health policy, and administration, maternal and child health, community health and health behavior and health promotion programs. As an undergrad, I completed four internships where I was able to learn more about practical applications in public health.

Employment History

The majority of my employment occurred at the University of Arizona. I served as a peer advisor for Student Support Services. I also worked as a student worker and as a research technician in the College of Public Health.

Interests/Facts about Hometown

I am originally from Nakuru, Kenya, but I consider Tucson, Arizona, to be my hometown. Tucson is a great college town full of diversity, unique hole in the wall restaurants and amazing hiking spots! Tucson is also one of the greatest places to see gorgeous sunsets. Whenever I have free time, I enjoy reading novels, cooking international cuisine, and learning about different types of music.