Christopher MacDowell

Christopher MacDowellHometown: Johnstown, PA

Research/Academic Interests

My main research/academic interests include healthcare information technology (specifically data warehousing and analytics), hospital operational and financial management, rural healthcare, and epidemiology.

Prior Education

I received my Bachelor of Science in Health Policy and Administration with a minor in Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State in 2010.

Employment History

For the past year, I have been employed as a Patient Access Representative in the Emergency Department of the Altoona Regional Health System. Basically, I begin the revenue cycle by interviewing patients in order to verify their demographic and insurance information for the hospital's billing department. Prior to this, I worked as an I.T. Intern in the Clinical Decision Information System department of the Geisinger Health System.

Interests/Facts about Hometown

Johnstown, Pennsylvania, is a small, former industrial town that lies about 70 miles east of Pittsburgh. It is best known for its three devastating floods, the first of which helped to establish the American Red Cross as the premiere disaster relief organization in the United States.