Donnelle Sue Jageman

Donnelle Sue Jageman

Hometown: Meadville, Pennsylvania

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Research/Academic Interests

Currently, I am interested in women’s health, reproductive healthcare, mental health, and preventive health care, but because I have not studied health care in a formal setting, I am open to researching new topics and topics with which I am currently unfamiliar. I also have some interest in bringing the aspects of sustainability into the health care system.

Prior Education

I graduated from Washington & Jefferson College (a private, liberal arts college) in southwestern Pennsylvania with a triple majored in Environmental Studies, Psychology, and German. I studied abroad for one semester at the University of Vienna in Vienna, Austria. A considerable amount of my undergraduate research was devoted to exploring the facets of family planning programs, especially in the developing world.

Employment History

During high school, I was employed as a shift manager at a carry-out pizza place in my hometown. While pursuing my B.A., I was employed as a student supervisor at the college’s art gallery, a first year seminar mentor, and a German tutor.

Interests/Facts about Hometown

Meadville, known for cloudy skies and lake effect snow, was settled by David Mead in 1788 (previously, Native Americans had inhabited the area). Apparently, upon arrival David Mead said, “We will stay here until the weather clears.” The weather never cleared, and David Mead and his followers never left, and to this day, the citizens of Meadville continue to complain about the weather. Meadville is also home to Allegheny College, the second oldest college west of the Allegheny Mountains, the first being my undergraduate alma mater.