Jared Matthew Stanger

Jared Matthew Stanger

Hometown: Nampa, Idaho

E-mail: jus357@psu.edu , jstanger87@gmail.com

Research/Academic Interests

I have had a passion to work in hospitals for more than five years. I would hope to one day work in multi-hospital systems as CEO. I have been fascinated with the complexity that hospital environments bring, and I love working with people on large projects. In order to accomplish my goals, I plan to continue studying the current health care laws, which are rapidly changing, and analyze how these laws will affect multi-hospital systems. I also plan to strengthen my public speaking, presentation skills, and networking skills.

Prior Education

I have a BS in Healthcare Administration, a minor in Foreign Languages (I translate Portuguese), and an emphasis in Accounting. My program taught me a great deal about long-term and acute care facilities, indigent/disabled/elderly care regulations, and work ethics in health care environments. My strongest subjects were Medical Law and Ethics, Hospital Administration, Healthcare Financing, and Healthcare Operations.

During my undergraduate studies I was elected to be President of the Healthcare Administration Society, in which I was given the honor to represent my student body in community meetings, to help students network their names for job placement, to find internship placements for society members, and to write society laws that improved future students success. I was also hired to be a T.A. and tutor for the Health Science department and did so for 7.5 semesters.

Employment History

I have worked as a project management, quality assurance, risk management, and performance improvement intern at two different hospitals: Madison Memorial Hospital and Saint Luke’s Regional Medical Center. I have also worked as an administrative intern with a medical group management organization called Med Man.

During my time with Madison Memorial, I was hired to assist in interpreting Medicare/Medicaid/TJC rules and regulations to 19 department heads. I learned a great deal about how to work with patients and doctors/facilities during malpractice claims.

Saint Luke’s hospital had given me the opportunity to see a different side of hospital care. I was a project management intern assisting in the hospital’s LEAN transformation. My main responsibilities included presenting reconstructive work flow models to administrative staff and to several teams of doctors and also creating video presentations for staff members to use during training purposes.

While with Med Man I was in charge of reorganizing a communications center for incoming and outgoing calls. The process included running a small team of nurses and secretaries, who helped create flow charts and curriculum for training and reconstruction on facility cites.

Interests/Facts about Hometown

My hometown is in Nampa, Idaho, just outside the capital, Boise; Nampa has about 90,000 residents and is surrounded by a desert, so I am not quite familiar with the numerous trees or rain at State College. There are large recreational areas for fishing, hunting, camping, and various outdoor sports played year round, and for this reason, I was very active in many different activities.