Jill Beechan Crawford

What are you doing today?

I am currently the Director of Managed Care at St. Joseph Medical Center (SJMC) located in Towson, Maryland. I am responsible for leading the development of managed care negotiation strategy and managing the relationships with all third party payors. After my Graduate School residency, I became the Manager of Market Research at St. Luke's Hospital (St. Luke's Health Network) in Bethlehem, PA. I was responsible for strategic planning and marketing. I then moved to Chicago, IL, to take a position as a Managed Care Consultant with Premier, Inc. where I was doing projects in the areas of provider network and PHO development, strategic planning, etc. I ended up being recruited by SJMC, which was a client.

How has HPA helped you get where you are today?

I actually credit my undergraduate internship experience as one of the reasons for my career success today. My preceptor was superb and helped me to identify my career potential/goals. In addition, I felt the coursework prepared me to be able to communicate effectively in the workplace. The professors were always accessible outside the classroom when necessary. If I had a chance to redo my life over beginning at the college level and upward, I would not choose a different career track (and especially not my college experience at Penn State in the HPA program). Penn State has a GREAT program, and I would highly recommend it to all.