Kayla Jiaxin Wu

Kayla Jiaxin Wu

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

E-mail: jqw5134@psu.edu

Research/Academic Interests

I am interested in employee engagement, patient care quality, quality improvement, error prevention, risk management, and international operation.

Prior Education

While working on my undergraduate degree (I am a current BS/MHA student), I was involved with undergraduate research, mock interview training, and student mentoring. I also had the opportunity to study and to teach in Hong Kong and China for six months.

Employment History

I have worked as a Program Support Specialist in the Quality Department for Main Line Health, as a Project Manager for HPA’s Dr. McCaughey's industry research project, and as a Career Service Assistant.

Interests/Facts about Hometown

Philadelphia is the historic city where the Constitutional Convention was held in 1787. We are also known for our Cheesesteaks, WaWa Markets, and water ice.