Kirti Thapar

Kirti ThaparHometown: Wexford, PA

Research/Academic Interests

My interests lie in understanding the current health care system and trying to pinpoint areas that may have potential for improvement.

Prior Education

B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Health Care Policy and Management and Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University. I also took a variety of classes in biology, ethics, and French.

Employment History

I have worked in a variety of business-related fields and have learned how to utilize marketing and networking tools to gauge and understand consumer demands. I also have had some experience in health care market analysis and some cancer research.

Interests/Facts about Hometown

Most people immediately associate Pittsburgh with sports, but it’s also home to the most bridges in the nation, the cloudiest city, and awesome cultural and historical places to explore. Some great food and nightlife areas are emerging, and it’s a great place to grow up!