Maria Gatto Neff

What are you doing today?

My current position is that of Compliance Specialist for the Transplant Center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). I over see regulatory compliance and manage quality assurance for all solid organ transplant programs - heart, heart/lung, lung, liver and kidney. I started with CHOP in September 2010 after four years with Halifax Health in Daytona Beach, Florida where I was the Operations Supervisor for Kidney and Pancreas Transplant, General and Hepatobiliary Surgery.

How has HPA helped you get where you are today?

The Master of Science program in HPA was a critical building block for my career. This is because the education I received in the HPA program included both robust research training, as well as tools to apply the training practically and effectively in an organization. The program leadership and advisors in HPA empowered the students in my cohort through collaborative research opportunities. However, most beneficial to me was the boss-employee relationship that I had with my assistantship advisors. I was held to a particular level of accountability for my work on projects and with undergraduates, which helped prepare me for real-world employment with the Federal Government and ultimately with healthcare organizations.