Tiana Lukas

Tiana LukasHometown: Bloomsburg, PA


Research/Academic Interests

My academic interests are focused on health administration and management, but I have also been intrigued by the unfortunate reality of health disparities that are present today. Health disparities influence how care can be delivered, so both of my interests coexist nicely. I am currently working on my undergraduate honors thesis, in which I will be examining the association between the source of medical care and the use of prenatal care across racial/ethnic groups.

Prior Education

I am in the integrated BS/MHA program. I have a concentration in Biobehavioral Health because I enjoyed learning about public health and health behavior theories during my undergraduate years.

Employment History

This summer I completed an administrative internship at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA. I worked in the Hematology/Oncology department where I was exposed to the daily operations of an outpatient clinic and how to keep low costs and high quality in an integrated health system.

Interests/Facts about Hometown

While not a highly populated place normally, for one week each year Bloomsburg is home to the largest fair in the entire state. The Bloomsburg Fair is a traditional farm fair, complete with the world’s largest pig, and brings in over 400,000 people. I have lived in the same house in Bloomsburg for my entire life.