Honors Study

Medical Tourism: Worthwhile Bargain or Risky Business?

Jenna K. Shedd

Jenna K. Shedd
HPA Schreyer Scholar


This thesis presents and discusses medical tourism in terms of its development as a new and potentially booming industry for the United States and India.

Existing information and data pertaining to medical tourism is insufficient for health care stakeholders in the United States to decide whether or not to invest in the medical tourism industry. The scholarly information describing the medical tourism industry is limited, so this thesis reviews the information available from a wide variety of sources to obtain the fullest possible picture of the benefits and problems associated with medical tourism.

Ultimately, before U.S. stakeholders can become any more involved in the medical tourism industry, they need to understand the limitations of the available data in order to avoid negative consequences as a result of their involvement. Additionally, a widespread effort should be initiated to develop data collection plans to correct the medical tourism informational deficiencies.