Advising in HPA

HPA Advising Policies

Pre-major students, non-degree students, students transferring into Penn State from another school, and any other students not yet in the HPA major can get information about HPA from HPA’s department adviser, Ms. Caroline Condon-Lewis ( Ms. Condon-Lewis provides students interested in the HPA major with the information necessary to explore their potential opportunities.

After you have selected HPA as your major, you will be assigned an HPA faculty mentor. If you are not sure who your HPA faculty mentor is, you can ask in the HPA office. As an HPA student, you have two important resources in the department--your faculty mentor and the HPA department adviser. It is important to understand the roles of both your faculty mentor and the staff adviser.

Your faculty mentor will be most helpful for discussing issues about career plans, such as jobs and graduate schools, and how course choices or minors fit into your plans. Keep in mind that you can make an appointment to see any faculty member, if you think that person might be helpful. Faculty areas of expertise are shown on the HPA Faculty website -

The department adviser, Caroline Condon-Lewis, on the other hand, should be consulted for questions about transfer credits, course drop/adds, course substitutions, graduation requirements, and other academic advising tasks. While the department adviser has primary responsibility for these issues, your faculty mentor may be consulted as well.

How to schedule an advising meeting

Click here to schedule a meeting with Caroline Condon-Lewis, HPA department academic adviser. Meetings are recommended for students exploring HPA as a major or minor. They are also recommended for students who want assistance planning the next semester’s schedule. The department adviser’s office is in 604 Ford Building.

Walk-in Advising

There are several opportunities for Walk-In Advising. Caroline Condon-Lewis will have Walk-In Hours in 604 Ford the first week of each semester. These should be reserved for students with scheduling questions related to that semester. There are also Walk-In Hours one day a week that are reserved for students unable to make a regularly scheduled appointment. Finally, there are Walk-In Hours during key academic calendar times each semester (late drop deadline, withdrawal deadline, end of semester). Walk-In times can be found through the on-line student scheduling calendar, a student email that is sent out in the beginning of the semester, or through the HPA office.


Email Caroline Condon-Lewis at Click here to book your appointment.