Honors Study in HPA

The Schreyer Honors College acts as a virtual college working in concert with all other academic colleges at Penn State. Honors study in HPA is designed for outstanding students who are committed to the pursuit of unique intellectual challenges and who wish to maximize their strengths and personal development.

Students partner with a research mentor, complete a research thesis, participate in a series of honors coursework, and attend an annual honors social event.

HPA students interested in learning more about honors study should contact the department at 814-863-2900 and request to speak with the honors adviser, Rhonda BeLue PhD, or email her at rzb10@psu.edu.

Here are just a few things that our HPA Honors students are doing!

Sarah Wilkie -- Class of 2016:

“After my freshman year, I applied to the HPA Honors Program through the Gateway because I was interested in the career development opportunities offered through Schreyer. Through my honors coursework, I developed relationships with HPA faculty members and was given the opportunity to take graduate level courses as an undergraduate student. These experiences were both challenging and rewarding and provided new perspectives on potential career opportunities. I am interested in researching susceptibility to developing chronic diseases and corresponding preventive efforts. Specifically, my current research explores the congruence between perceived risk and clinical risk in type 2 diabetes mellitus.”

Timothy Chiang -- Class of 2015:

“I am a senior who joined the HPA Honors Program as a Gateway scholar. My honors thesis examines the relationship between childhood obesity and hospitalization charges, as well as hospital length of stay. I am going to medical school after college, and pediatrics is the specialty in which I am interested. So examining childhood obesity, which is a serious issue in the United States, made a lot sense to me. Being a part of the honors program and working on my thesis has allowed me to become a critical thinker and to learn skills I will need in the future.”

Amelia Browning -- Class of 2017:

“I joined the honors college as a sophomore in HPA because I had an interest in research. I am currently working on writing a quality improvement paper on pediatric patient-centered medical homes. Although I have not committed to a thesis topic, I am hoping my thesis will be a continuation of my current work with medical homes.”

Chen Zhuang -- Class of 2015:

“My thesis is focused on determining organizational factors that affect home health aide retention and turnover intent. I am also part of the Future of Healthcare Think Tank, which is conducting research on elder care in collaboration with graduate students from Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands. As a freshman, I was admitted into the Schreyer Honors College, and I have learned so much from being a part of the HPA Honors Program. The program has allowed me to challenge myself with graduate classes as an undergraduate student, participate in interesting research opportunities, and enhance my studies in healthcare as an HPA student. For the future, I look forward to applying the skills and knowledge that I have gained as an HPA honors student in the workplace and in a MHA program.”

The academic experience at Schreyer Honors College is comprised of the finest faculty from every department and college at Penn State. Because of the strong commitment to honors education throughout the University, Schreyer Scholars can thrive and prosper in the rich academic tradition that lives throughout the University.

The academic life of a Schreyer Scholar includes academic excellence with integrity alongside:

  • Challenging academic courses
  • Small honors classes taught by exceptional honors faculty
  • Research opportunities with leading academic scholars
  • Production of an original scholarly contribution in the form of the honors thesis
  • Broadening horizons beyond the borders of the United States
  • Teamwork and collaboration with peers