ISS Contact Information

Contact Information

Room 16
Biobehavioral Health Building
814-865-INFO (4636)
814-863-2215 Fax Email - General information requests, feedback on our services, and suggestions/comments

Office Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30p.m.

Our Offices Are Here


ISS has been in existence for 45 years. Our main office is in Room 16 BBH Building but we have staff located in Ford Building and Rec Hall. We are the College's IT service organization and are supported by the College's Dean's Office.

Bill Cooke
Systems Administrator III
15 BBH Building
Jack Dixon
IT Support Specialist II
12 BBH Building
Matt Dunmire Matt Dunmire
IT Manager - Helpdesk
10 BBH Building
Don Fink
IT Support Specialist III
8 BBH Building
Christopher Greiner
IT Consultant III
29 Rec Hall
Craig Gruneberg
5 BBH Building
Amy Long
Administrative Support Assistant III
16 BBH Building
Ryan Mckeown
IT Support Specialist II
604M Ford Building
Nick Murarik
Systems Administrator II
13 BBH Building
Shannon Pugh
IT Trainer III
6 BBH Building
Joe Drelick
IT Support Specialist II
11 BBH Building

Part Time and Intern Gallery

ISS has been fortunate to be able to add interns, primarily from the College of IST, to our staff to assist us with our work over the last few years. Every semester we search for and interview students who have an internship requirement associated with their degree. They work closely with experienced IT professionals and gain valuable insight into the IT world.

Currently we have the following folks taking care of business in the College:

Brian McMullen, a student in IST, joined us recently as a part time technician