Additional Resources - Guide for Taking Transferring Courses from Other Institutions


The eLion “Transferring Credits” link will take you to the Transfer Course Evaluation Guide database. Here, you can look up previously-evaluated courses. (If you cannot access eLion, start at

If a course is not in the database, print a Transfer Course Evaluation Form ( and take it, along with a course description, to the Office of Admissions in 201 Shields.


There is a difference between a course transferring and a course being applicable toward graduation requirements. Some courses transfer as direct equivalents to PSU courses (for example, Psych 100). Other courses transfer, but not as direct equivalents (for example, Psych General). Therefore, non-equivalent courses require further review as detailed below.

KINESIOLOGY COURSES (Effective Fall 2013):

  • Previously-reviewed Kines transfer courses are kept on file in the Kines Advising Center.
  • For Kines transfer courses not yet on file, specific Kines faculty will review the course in question.
  • Please contact your Kines adviser for more information.

OTHER REQUIRED COURSES (Effective Fall 2013):

  • Effective Fall 2013, the following courses (if required in a student’s degree program) must have equivalency if taken as transfer courses: Biol 110, Biol 141, Biol 142, Chem 101, Chem 110, Chem 111, Chem 112, Chem 113, Nutr 251, Math 022, Math 026, Phys 250, Phys 251, Psych 100, Stat 200.

To initiate a review for OTHER REQUIRED COURSES, provide your Name, ID Number, Email Address, and Phone Number to the department contact, plus follow additional directions as detailed below.


Contact Information

Additional Details


Dr. Barbara DeHart (

Send syllabus, Transfer Course Pre-Approval Form for Domestic Institutions and a note about specific courses you are asking to be evaluated.


Jennifer Knecht (

Send email to request course evaluation form or pick up form at 219 Whitmore. Include syllabus with evaluation form. **


104 McAllister

Print a Department of Mathematics evaluation form at Include syllabus with form and email to **


Ms. Brenda Eissenstat (

Include syllabus, Transfer Course Pre-Approval Form for Domestic Institutions and web link with info about the offering college’s nutrition major. (Only a course that is part of a college’s nutrition major/dietetics program will be approved for Nutr 251.)


Dr. Richard Robinette (

Contact to arrange appointment. Take Transfer Course Pre-Approval Form for Domestic Institutions and syllabus. (See “Will the Course Transfer?” above.)


Ms. Melissa McBrayer (

Send copy of syllabus and Transfer Course Pre-Approval Form for Domestic Institutions


Dr. Andy Wiesner (

Send course description, syllabus and Transfer Course Pre-Approval Form for Domestic Institutions for each of the courses you are asking to be evaluated.

**The U.G Admissions Transfer Course Pre-Approval Form for Domestic Institutions request form will also be accepted (


  • Courses other than those listed above that transfer as “General” must be evaluated by a Kines adviser (and in some cases, the HHD Dean’s Office) for applicability.
  • To request a review, provide your Kines adviser with the following:
  • Name of the college offering the course
  • Course abbreviation and number
  • Course description (or even better, a course syllabus)
  • Copy of your current degree audit
  • List of Penn State course(s) you are hoping to substitute.


  • Each college determines the requirements and procedures to take courses as a “visiting” student. It is your responsibility to research the requirements and procedures. You can start by visiting the college’s website or contacting its registration office.
  • This process can get complicated. Please plan ahead.

If registration requires…


Official or unofficial transcript from Penn State

Go to “Transcripts” on eLion to print an unofficial transcript or to order an official transcript.

Signature or letter of approval from Penn State adviser/college official

Contact your Kines adviser and a form letter will be provided to you.

Evidence that you have met prerequisites

Provide the school with a Penn State transcript (see above) and course description of the course that lines up with their prerequisite.

Signature on their registration form from adviser/college official stating that you meet prerequisites

Drop off to your adviser’s mailbox or bring to drop-in hours:

a. Completed registration form requiring signature.

b. Course descriptions of the prerequisites from the other school. For example, if their Math 101 is a prerequisite, provide a description of their Math 101.

c. Copy of your degree audit.


1. Please be aware that grades do not transfer, only credits.

2. In order for the credits to transfer, a grade of C or better must be earned.

3. Upon completion of a transfer course, please request to have an official transcript sent to Penn State to the following address:

Office of Admissions

201 Shields Building*

University Park, PA 16802.

*If you need the credits to be recorded expeditiously for graduation, add “Attn: Graduation” to the address. Any delay in having transfer credits sent could delay your graduation.

4. There are nominal fees to get an official transcript sent and to have Penn State record the credits.

5. If the transfer course was not a direct equivalent to a PSU course, email your Kines adviser when you see the course on your Penn State transcript so that the credits can be moved to the proper place on your degree audit.