Jonathan  Dingwell 

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Professor of Kinesiology

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  • Maintaining dynamic stability during walking in young and older adults
  • Virtual reality interventions to improve dynamic stability during walking
  • Understanding the role of neuronal noise in movement coordination

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

Cusumano, J.P. Mahoney, J.M., and Dingwell, J.B. (2014) “The Dynamical Analysis of Inter‐Trial Fluctuations Near Goal Equivalent Manifolds,” In: Progress in Motor Control: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 826: 125‐145. Mindy Levin, Ed. Springer‐Verlag, Inc., New York, NY, 21 pgs. (ISBN 978‐1‐4939‐1337‐4).

Dingwell, J.B. (2006) “Lyapunov Exponents,” In: The Wiley Encyclopedia of Biomedical Engineering. Metin Akay, Ed. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, NY, 14 pgs. (ISBN: 0‐471‐24967‐X).

Cavanagh, P.R., and Dingwell, J.B., (1999) “Gait Analysis: Kinematic and Kinetic Studies of the Foot and Ankle,” In Foot and Ankle Disorders, Myerson M.S., Ed., WB Saunders Ltd., Philadelphia, PA., pp. 50‐82. (ISBN: 0‐7216‐7155‐1)


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Dingwell, J.B., Salinas, M.M., and Cusumano, J.P. (2017) “Increased Gait Variability May Not Imply Impaired Stride‐To‐Stride Control of Walking in Healthy Older Adults” Gait & Posture. (Published online 03/31/17:

Sheehan, R.C., Rylander, J.H., Wilken, J.M., and Dingwell, J.B. (2016) “Use of Perturbation‐Based Gait Training in a Virtual Environment to Address Mediolateral Instability in an Individual With Unilateral Transfemoral Amputation” Physical Therapy, 96(12): 1896‐1904. (Published on line 06/08/16:

Kang, H.G., and Dingwell, J.B. (2016) “Differential Changes with Age in Multiscale Entropy of Electromyography Signals from Leg Muscles during Treadmill Walking” PLoS ONE, 11(8): e0162034. (Published on line 08/29/16: