Undergraduate Programs

Kinesiology offers a comprehensive program in the study of human movement to help you prepare for professions involving physical activity and for graduate study in related areas. The Department of Kinesiology offers bachelor of science degrees in athletic training (ATHTR) and kinesiology (KINES).

The athletic training major prepares you for a career in the profession of athletic training. This major is designed to meet the standards for certification by the Board of Certification and the State of Pennsylvania as a certified athletic trainer.

The undergraduate program in Kinesiology offers two options of study at University Park and one option of study at Berks Campus. The kinesiology major options are:

These three options provide concentrated programs of study designed to prepare you for careers in allied health and medical specialties, the fitness and wellness industries, health and physical education teaching, and preparation for graduate and professional schools.

The athletic training and kinesiology majors require a culminating practicum or research experience that is an essential, integral aspect of the degree.

Athletic Training Major

The Athletic Training program will help you prepare to be an integral member of the health care team in secondary schools, colleges and universities, professional sports programs, sports medicine clinics, and other health care settings. It is designed to help you care for physically active populations.

Kinesiology Major

The Kinesiology program is nationally recognized for helping students prepare for careers in health, wellness, and fitness. Our central focus is the study of physical activity as it ranges from basic mechanisms of human movement to the complex dynamics of physical activity in the context of human health and well-being. In addition, the program explores other facets of human health, including the psychological and social aspects of wellness.

Undergraduate Minor in Kinesiology

We offer a minor in kinesiology to complement many majors on Penn State's campus.

Undergraduate Program Advising

Our department provides academic advising services for kinesiology undergraduate students. Advisers help you clarify your educational and career objectives, understand the academic and administrative processes, and provide guidance throughout your time at Penn State.

There are drop-in hours available most weekdays, or appointments can be made by calling 814-863-4493.

Please visit the advising center, which includes additional information about the Undergraduate Program.

Advising for Students in the Schreyer Honors College

Penn State offers a comprehensive honors program to students of exceptional ability. Schreyer Scholars have available to them a number of opportunities for leadership, international experiences, and additional funding as well as benefits such as early registration. Read more information on advising for kinesiology majors in the Schreyer Honors College.

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