Reference Material Library

Resource Room

270 Rec Hall, University Park

Reference materials including books, journals, and videos, are available for student use. Some materials may be checked-out for short periods of time while other material, such as the instructional videos, must be reviewed in the Resource Room. A complete list of resource / reference material is available in 270 Rec Hall.

Below are examples of materials available by category.

Athletic Training / Medical Specialities

  • Essentials of Athletic Training
  • Arnheim's Principles of Athletic Training
  • Psychosocial Occupational Therapy: A Clinical Practice


  • Basic Biomechanics
  • Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise

Career Information Directories

  • Career Opportunities in Health Care
  • Graduate School Guide

Exercise Physiology

  • Exercise Physiology -Energy, Nutrition, and Human Performance
  • Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescriptio
  • Lab Exercises in Exercise Science


  • A Commitment to Fitness
  • Core Concepts in Health
  • Drugs, Behavior and Modern Society
  • Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness
  • Nutrition: Essentials and Diet Therapy

Motor Learning / Motor Control

  • The Learning of Physical Skills
  • Motor Learning: Principles and Practices
  • Understanding Motor Development: Infants, Children, Adolescents

Physical Education

  • A Nation Prepared: Teachers for the 21st Century
  • Moving Into the Future: National Standards for Physical Education
  • Physical Education for Children: Movement Foundations and Experience
  • Teaching Physical Education

Sport Psychology

  • Advances in Sport Psychology
  • Introducing Sociology
  • Psychological aspects of Physical Education and Sport
  • Sport in the Sociocultural Process


  • Exercise Physiology Videolab # 1 - 12
  • Fitness for Life, i.e., stress management, nutrition


  • Fundamentals of Behavioral Statistics 2nd Edition
  • New Roget's Thesaurus
  • Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport
  • Webster's Dictionary