Presidentís Message

Here in Happy Valley, I enjoy watching the academic year go by with the changing seasons. Fall, with its wide-eyed freshman and football and homecoming activities gave way to winter, with the excitement of activities like THON and the campusís beautiful snowy landscape. So much to enjoy and be proud of!

image of Kay Salvino

The current academic year in the College of Health and Human Development is even more exciting than usual because we are experiencing the beginning of an important new era: that of our new dean, Nan Crouter.

The HHD Alumni Board Executive Committee was pleased to have Dean Crouter join us in our strategic planning session shortly after she took office in June 2007. Her input was invaluable and our mutual comfort level very pleasant.

Dr. Crouter clearly appreciates the important role of the active, engaged, committed alumni of the College of Health and Human Development. She helped us formulate great ideas for our next strategic plan (2008-2011) that will continue, and build on, our traditions of alumni working with faculty and students to enhance the HHD experience while taking an active role in the University community.

As the College and the Board go forward it is indeed very reassuring to know that Dr. Crouter and her very special blend of warmth and professionalism are in place to direct and work with us. We all share a similar commitment to HHD and Penn State and want future students to experience the same opportunities that enhance our lives.

Common goals, dedicated efforts, and the strong leadership of Dr. Crouter will help us as a College and its Alumni Board grow and achieve excellence. As future seasons grace Happy Valley I think we will remember this time as a bright new beginning that will lead to even greater success.

Kay Salvino í69 IFS
President, HHD Alumni Society

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