Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) could be a novel risk factor for cardiovascular disease-related death among women, according to researchers at Penn State. Women with RLS had a 43 percent higher likelihood of death due to cardiovascular disease during a ten-year follow-up, compared to those without RLS.

Seventeen percent of parents in the United Kingdom allow their 13- to 14-year olds to drink alcohol, according to study results recently published by Penn State researchers.

Elyce Wolfgang chose to earn her master’s degree through Penn State World Campus because of the flexible schedule and Penn State’s strong reputation, but she found something else she didn’t expect from an online program: new friendships.

With the passing of Robert (Bob) James Scannell, the College of Health and Human Development and the Penn State community mourn his loss while honoring the foundations he laid for the college — and University — through his leadership in disciplines that remain strong tenets of Penn State tradition today.

Healthy relationships with parents are crucial for adolescents, according to Penn State researchers. They found that rejection from fathers may lead to increased social anxiety in their children.

A select cohort of faculty members at Penn State are in pursuit of dynamic models for student engagement, breaking through traditional classroom instruction and redefining the meaning of transformative education.

Caroline Rosini, a Penn State senior studying English with a minor in environmental inquiry, during the fall semester studied Cape Cod through literature and in person for English 181B: Adventure Literature Exploring Cape Cod. "For me, a Penn State student who has tried to nurture her two academic interests — writing and the environment — English 181B was a perfect fit," she said.

Students from Jennifer Savage Williams’ Community Nutrition course presented a community nutrition fair at Ferguson Township Elementary School. Students in the course educated the children on healthy eating, nutrition, and cost-saving tips.

With more than 80 percent of the economy and 70 percent of jobs in the United States attributed to the service sector, the new Service Enterprise Engineering Minor at Penn State will answer a critical need for operational expertise in health care and human service fields.

Most attempts to stop smoking are unsuccessful in the long term, even with smoking cessation methods such as nicotine replacement therapy. Penn State researchers are looking at how reward processing and working memory may determine why smokers choose to smoke again after trying to quit.

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