School of Nursing Well Represented at Annual Research Conference

March 31, 2006

(University Park, Pa) — Four faculty members, a recent Ph.D. recipient, two current doctoral candidates and two undergraduate students from the Penn State School of Nursing are among those invited to make presentations during the 18th Annual Scientific Sessions of the Eastern Nursing Research Society (ENRS). This year’s conference, “New Momentum for Nursing Research: Multidisciplinary Alliances,” will take place April 20-22 at the Philadelphia/Cherry Hill Hilton in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

ENRS was established in 1988 as a forum for nurse researchers to promote and support regional nursing research in the northeastern United States. This year’s scientific sessions will explore the unique contributions that nursing researchers brings to multidisciplinary teams that together are tackling some of the most significant health problems facing society today. By promoting such dialogue among nurse scientists, scholars, clinical leaders and health policymakers, the sessions will create additional opportunities for nurses to use such findings as fully as possible, thus improving the delivery and quality of health care.

Faculty and students in the Penn State School of Nursing already are actively involved in such multidisciplinary research, which is why several of them have been invited to present during the annual sessions.

Dr. Janice Penrod, assistant professor of nursing, will lead a session titled “Creating Multidisciplinary Alliance to Advance Nursing Research” on April 21. The session will feature presentations from Penrod (“Building Alliances: Exploring States of Uncertainty”), Dr. Ann Kolanowski, associate professor of nursing (“Maintaining Alliances: Testing Practice Theory for Behavioral Symptoms of Dementia”, co-authored by Dr. Donna Fick, associate professor of nursing, and Dr. Fang Yu, postdoctoral scholar), and Dr. Susan Loeb, assistant professor of nursing (“Forging New Alliances: Comparing the Health Status, Beliefs and Behaviors of Older Men in Prisons and the Community”).

Kolanowski and Loeb will make additional presentations during the sessions. Kolanowski will present “Concordance of Self-Report and Staff Assessment of Emotional Well-Being in Nursing Home Residents with Dementia” during a session on Geriatric Care for Nursing Home Residents on April 21; Loeb will present “Older Male Prisoners’ Health: Status, Beliefs, and Behaviors” during the Health Care in Correctional Settings session on April 22.

Recent Penn State graduate Dr. Nancy A. Johnston will present “Physiologic Markers and Subjective Symptoms Predicting Onset of Labor in Healthy Gravidas” during the Addressing Challenges During Pregnancy and Childbearing session on April 21.

Dr. Deborah Preston, professor emerita of nursing, will present “The Effects of Stigma on the HIV Risk Behavior of Rural Men Who Have Sex with Men” during the HIV Risk Reduction and Treatment Adherence session on April 22.

Doctoral candidate Linda A. Hatfield will present “Efficacy of Oral Sucrose Analgesia during Routine Immunizations at 2 and 4 Months of Age” during the Neonatal Issues and Outcomes session on April 22.

Doctoral candidate Donna Reck will present “Charting New Directions for Research Collaboration” during the Professional Role Transitions & Research Collaborations session on April 21.

Two BSN students will participate in the poster session on April 20: James Fenush, who will present a poster on “An Investigation of Clinical Unit Choices by Graduating Baccalaureate Nursing Students”; and Casey Khouri, who will present a poster on a “Comparison of Three Methods of Medication Management and Compliance in Older Adults.”

“We are thrilled at the strong representation that we have at this year’s scientific sessions,” notes Dr. Paula Milone-Nuzzo, director of the Penn State School of Nursing. “The participation of our faculty and students shows that we are making significant contributions that have a profound impact on the delivery and quality of health care — contributions of which we can all be proud.”

Those interested in attending the 18th Annual Scientific Sessions should contact ENRS at (215) 599-6700 or by e-mail at Additional information also can be obtained on the Web at

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