Health and Human Development funds biological mechanisms research

The College of Health and Human Development recently awarded funding to numerous investigators for research focused on biological mechanisms underlying health, development, disease, or disability and/or biological indicators of health outcomes. This funding initiative was designed to assist faculty with biologically-oriented research advance their projects and enhance their potential for securing extramural funding.

The awardees and associated projects include:

Mechanisms of neurovascular dysfunction in humans with psoriasis
Principal Investigator: Lacy Alexander, research associate professor of kinesiology
Investigators: Sara Ferguson, assistant professor of dermatology
The effects of route of administration of contraceptive hormonal therapy on hepatic production of IGF-1 and bone metabolism
Principal Investigator: Mary Jane De Souza, professor of kinesiology and physiology
Investigators: Madhusmita Misra, associate professor of pediatrics (Harvard University); Nancy Williams, professor of kinesiology and physiology; Richard Legro, obstetrics and gynecology; David, Wagstaff, research technologist, Methodology Center; Rebecca Mallinson, project coordinator; Karsten Koehler project coordinator
Reproductive physiology maternal vitamin d deficiency, implantation and placental development in mice: the stage is set before the play begins
Principal Investigator: Alison Gernand, assistant professor of nutrition
Investigators: Francisco Diaz, associate professor of reproductive biology; Margherita Cantorna, Distinguished Professor of Molecular Immunology; Troy Ott, professor of reproductive biology
The influence of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in adolescent alcohol behaviors
Principal Investigator: Helen Kamens, assistant professor of biobehavioral health
Investigator: Laura Klein, professor of biobehavioral health
Inflammatory mechanisms of cardiac cell death in the aged female rat heart
Principal Investigator: Donna Korzick, professor of physiology and kinesiology
Role of lipocalin 2, an innate immune protein in catalytic iron holmeostatis
Principal Investigator: M. Vijay Kumar, assistant professor of nutrition
Investigators: Matthew Fantle, associate professor of geosciences; Thomas Spratt, associate professor of biochemistry
Mechanisms of altered circulatory control with age: Are men and women different?
Principal Investigator: David Proctor, professor of kinesiology and physiology
Investigators: James Pawelczyk, associate professor of kinesiology and physiology; Gail Thomas, professor of medicine
Effects of culinary spices on lipid metabolism, gut motility, and fat excretion: Evaluating a new dietary strategy for improving fat metabolism (and perhaps obesity)
Principal Investigator: Sheila West, professor of biobehavioral health
Investigators: Penny Kris-Etherton, Distinguished Professor of Nutrition; Josh Lambert, associate professor of Food Science; Greg Shearer, associate professor of nutrition; Matam Vijay Kumar, assistant professor of nutrition; Mosuk Chow, associate professor of statistics
The impact of calorie-restricted weight loss on food intake following acute exercise in overweight young women: Role of appetite regulating hormones and eating behavior phenotypes
Principal Investigator: Nancy Williams, professor of kinesiology and physiology
Investigators: Mary Jane De Souza, professor of kinesiology and physiology;
Karsten Koehler (project coordinator); Barbara Rolls, Helen A. Guthrie Chair and professor of nutrition