Jaime Schultz

 Jaime Schultz

Associate Professor of Kinesiology

Contact Information

268M Recreation Building
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park PA 16802


(fax) 814-865-1275




Ph.D., 2005, Cultural Studies of Sport, The University of Iowa

Research Interests

Women in sport and physical culture, sport history, cultural memory, racial politics, gender & sexuality in sport


  • Sport History
  • Women, Sport, & Physical Culture
  • Race, Cultural Memory, and Sport

Selected Publications

Schultz, J. (2015). Moments of impact: Injury, racialized memory, and reconciliation in college football. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.

Dyreson, M. and Schultz, J. (Eds.).(2015). American National Pastimes—A History. London: Routledge.

Schultz, J. (2014). Qualifying times: Points of change in U.S. women's sport. Urbana: University of Illinois Press.

Schultz, J., Kenney, W.L, and Linden, A.D.* (2014). Heat-related deaths in American football: A critical-historical account. Sport History Review 45(2): 123-144.

Schultz, J. (2014). Glory Road (2006) and the “white savior” historical sport film. Journal of Popular Film and Television 42(2), 205-213.

Schultz, J. (2014). Going the distance: The road to the 1984 Olympic women’s marathon. The International Journal of the History of Sport 32(1), 72-88. 

Schultz, J. (2014). The truth about historical sport films. The Journal of Sport History 41(1), 29-45.

Schultz, J. (2013). Sense and sensibility: Pragmatic postmodernism for sport history. In R. Pringle and M. Phillips (Eds.), Critical sport histories: Paradigms, power and the postmodern turn (pp. 59-76). Morgantown, WV: Fitness Information Technology.

Schultz, J. (2012). New standards, same refrain: The IAAF’s regulations on hyperandrogenism. American Journal of Bioethics 12(7): 32-33.

Schultz, J. (2011). Caster Semenya and the “question of too”: Sex testing in elite women’s sport & the issue of advantage. Quest, 63, 228-243.