Francisco Javier Lopez Frias

 Francisco Javier Lopez Frias

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

Contact Information

268H Rec Hall
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park PA 16802


Teaching Interests

  • Sports Ethics
  • Philosophy of Sport
  • Philosophy of Games and Play


  • The Ethics of Doping
  • The Use of Human Enhancement Technologies in Sport
  • Normative Theories of Sport

Selected Publications

López Frías, F. J. (2015). Dopaje y Mejora Humana. Una Propuesta Critica. [Doping and Human Enhancemente. A Critical Proposal]. Madrid: Editorial Reus.

Frías, F. J. L. (2014). La filosofía del deporte actual. paradigmas y corrientes. Rome: (Qua.Pe.G) Università degli Studi di Roma “Foro Italico".

Lopez Frias, F. J. (2015). 21st-Century Doping: Enhancing Physical Performance through Biotechnical Means. In Bernard Andrieu (Ed.), Vocabulaire de philosophie du sport. Tome 2. Les nouvelles reserches (pp. 577-604). Paris: Mouvement Saveirs. Peer-reviewed/refereed.

Lopez Frias, F. J. Football Transfers and Moral Responsibility. Soccer and Society. 2016. [Forthcoming]

Lopez Frias, F. J. & Gimeno Monfort, X. (2016). The Hermeneutics of Sport: Limits and Conditions of Possibility of Our Understandings of Sport. Sport, Ethics, and Philosophy. 2016. [Forthcoming]

Lopez Frias, F. J. The Reconstructive and Normative Aspects of Bernard Suits’s Utopia. Reason Papers 38 (1), 2016. 

Lopez Frias, F. J., & Perez Trivino, J. L. Will robots ever play sports? Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 10(1). http:// [In Press - forthcoming February 2016].

Lopez Frias, F. J. The defining components of the cyborg: cyborg-athletes, fictional or real? Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 10(1). http://

Lopez Frias, F. J. & Gimeno Monfort, X. (2015). A Hermeneutical Analysis of the Internalist Approach in the Philosophy of Sport. Philosophical Culture and Sport. Studies and Research LXVII, 5-12.