John O'Neill

 John O'Neill

Professor of Hospitality Management and Director, Center for Hospitality Real Estate Strategy

Contact Information

216 Mateer Building
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park PA 16802


(fax) (814) 863-4257


1984 B.S. Cornell University, Hotel Administration
1994 M.S. New York University, Real Estate
1999 Ph.D. University of Rhode Island, Business Administration

Research Interests

Strategic management

Real estate

Asset management


Selected Publications

Hua, N., O'Neill, J.W., & Nusair, K. (2017). Does paying a higher franchise fee command a higher REVPAR? International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management.

Manning, C., deRoos, J., O'Neill, J.W., Agarwal, A., Bloom, B., & Roulac, S. (2017). Hotel/lodging real estate industry trends and innovations. Journal of Real Estate Literature.

O'Neill, J.W., & Quadri-Felitti, D. (2016). Resort fees and service fees in the U.S. hotel industry: context and concepts related to partitioned pricing. ICHRIE Research Reports.

Singh, A.J., O'Neill, J.W., Robinson, S.J., & Manning, C. (2016). International Hospitality Real Estate Investment Management. International Journal of the Built Environment and Asset Management, 1: 4, 269 - 272.

Lee, S., O'Neill, J.W., & McGinley, S.P. (2016). Effects of economic conditions and other factors on hotel sale prices. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 28: 10, 2267 - 2284.

O'Neill, J.W. (2015). Research advances in the building of hotel brands, 253-270. In Kompella, K. The Brand Challenge: Adapting Branding to Sectorial Imperatives, London: Kogan Page Limited.

Rushmore, S., & O'Neill, J.W. (2015). Recommendations for projecting fixed and variable components of hotel financial performance. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 56: 1, 17-28.

O'Neill, J.W., & McGinley, S.P. (2015). Extreme minimum wages: Effects on the U.S. hotel industry. ICHRIE Penn State Research Reports. Manuscript of the Year Award (1st Place)

Manning, C., O'Neill, J.W., Hood, S., Bloom, B., Singh, A., & Liu, C. (2015). The emergence of hotel/lodging real estate research. Journal of Real Estate Literature, 23, 3-25.

Harrison, M.M., Jones, A.M., Cleveland, J.N., & O'Neill, J.W. (2015). Mediators of transformational leadership and the work-family relationship. Personnel Psychology, 30: 4, 454-469.

O'Neill, J.W. (2014). University lodging demand: An analysis of its stability and guidance for estimating its growth potential at the market level. ICHRIE Penn State Research Reports.

O'Neill, J. W., & McGinley, S. P. (2014). Operations research from 1913 to 2013: The Ford assembly line to hospitality industry innovation. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 26: 5, 663-678.

Curriculum Vitae

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