W. Larry Kenney

 W. Kenney

Professor of Physiology, Kinesiology and Marie Underhill Noll Chair in Human Performance

Contact Information

102 Noll Laboratory
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park PA 16802


(fax) 814-865-4602





Ph.D., 1983, Physiology, Penn State University

Research Interests

Human temperature regulation focusing on cardiovascular responses to exercise and passive thermal stress; biophysics of heat exchange between humans and the environment.


  • Control of human skin blood flow with an emphasis on aging.
  • Physiology and biophysics of heat exchange between humans and the environment.
  • Thermoregulation during exercise and in extreme environments.

Selected Publications

Simmons, G.H., B.J. Wong, L.A. Holowatz, and W.L. Kenney. Changes in the control of skin blood flow with exercise training: where do cutaneous vascular adaptations fit in? Experimental Physiology 96:822-828, 2011.

Holowatz, L.A. and W.L. Kenney. Oral atorvastatin therapy increases nitric oxide-dependent cutaneous vasodilation in humans by decreasing ascorbate-sensitive oxidants. American Journal of Physiology 301:R763-R768, 2011.

Holowatz, L.A. and W.L. Kenney. Acute localized administration of tetrahydrobiopterin and systemic atorvastatin restore cutaneous microvascular function in hypercholesterolaemic humans. Journal of Physiology 589:4787-4797, 2011.

Stanhewicz, A.E., R.S. Bruning, C.J. Smith, W.L. Kenney, and L.A. Holowatz. Local tetrahydrobiopterin administration augments reflex cutaneous vasodilatation through nitric oxide-dependent mechanisms in aged human skin. Journal of Physiology 112:791-797, 2012.

Bruning, R.S., L. Santhanam, A.E. Stanhewicz, C.J. Smith, D.E. Berkowitz, W.L. Kenney, and L.A. Holowatz. Endothelial nitric oxide synthase mediates cutaneous vasodilation during local heating and is attenuated in middle-aged human skin. Journal of Applied Physiology 112:2019-2026, 2012.

Strategic Themes

  • Domains of Health and Behavior