Adviser Evaluations

RPTM adviser evaluations are completed approximately ten weeks into each fall and spring semester in which the faculty member has advising responsibilities (not completed for a faculty member if s/he is on a leave of absence).

Sample Advisor Evaluation Form

RPTM Academic Adviser Responsibilities:

  • Requests that students complete the survey via e-mail (sent through Survey Monkey)
  • Notify faculty via e-mail that students have been requested to complete the survey on the same date that the request is sent to the students through Survey Monkey
  • Provide weekly reminders for three weeks to students encouraging them to complete the survey
  • Develop a summary report of results and submits report to department head and professor-in-charge of undergraduate studies, with copy to administrative specialist

Administrative Specialist Responsibilities

  • Distribute results of the survey to individual faculty
  • Insert results to individual faculty files that is included in annual review

Student Responsibilities

  • Complete an online survey containing ten items that requires approximately two to four minutes to complete by the end of the thirteenth week of the semester

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Review summary report
  • If suggestions are made by students, consider modifying advising practices

Professor-In-Charge of Undergraduate Studies Responsibilities

  • Review all faculty evaluations
  • Meet with any faculty member whose overall evaluation score for item 6 is lower than 3.5 to discuss ways to improve advising and establish a monitoring plan.

Department Head Responsibilities

  • Incorporate adviser evaluation data in annual review