Agency Recruitment Visits

RPTM Policy (Updated 8/21/08)

Outside agency visits Penn State in an effort to recruit RPTM students.

RPTM staff responsibilities

  • Correspond on-site with agency representative and answer questions.
  • Schedule an in-class “recruitment presentation” with participating faculty and agency representative.
  • Coordinate student interviews and confirm an appropriate conference room.
  • Distribute itinerary to participating faculty, staff, and undergraduate students 1 week prior to agency visit.
  • Greet agency representative upon arrival and review itinerary.

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Direct contacts to Agency/Recruitment Coordinator (department staff).
  • Welcome agency representative into classroom to present.
  • Encourage students to interview with agency representative.
  • Develop itinerary.

Budget Assistant Responsibilities

  • Meet with agency representative and complete the Visitor’s Form