C or Better Policy

RPTM Policy (Updated 04/14/09)

PSU Faculty Senate policy 82-44 states β€œTo be graduated, a candidate must earn at least a C grade in each course designated by the major as a C-required course. The set of C-required courses for each major is chosen by the faculty of the department offering the major.”


Faculty in RPTM have designated all core courses in the RPTM major as C-required courses. This includes those RPTM courses required for the RPTM major as well as the required RPTM courses for each option within the major: Therapeutic Recreation, Commercial and Community Recreation, Outdoor Recreation and Professional Golf Management. Internship courses in all RPTM options are also identified as C-required courses.


Students attempting to substitute courses taken at other universities or from other departments at Penn State must have met the C-requirement for the course to be eligible for substitution. If the C – requirement has not been met, the course is ineligible for substitution.