Petition for Exception

RPTM Policy (updated 04/14/09)

Students may request an exception from any RPTM policy or procedure by submitting a petition (see Petition for Exception form) to their academic adviser for consideration.

After review by the student’s academic adviser, approval for the exception must be secured from both the Undergraduate Coordinator and the Department Head. Students will receive an email notice of approval or disapproval of the exception from the Undergraduate Coordinator.

Student Responsibilities

  • Complete Petition for Exception form by typing all information, with the exception of signature.
  • Submit signed petition to academic adviser for approval.

Academic Adviser Responsibilities

  • Complete Petition for Exception form by indicating approval/disapproval, providing any comments, and signing the form.
  • Forwards petition to Undergraduate Coordinator.

Undergraduate Coordinator Responsibilities

  • If a particular course is at issue, consult with the instructor of that course.
  • Convene an exception review committee meeting to review the petition. Included in the review committee are the student’s Academic Adviser, RPTM Undergraduate Coordinator, Professor-In-Charge of Undergraduate Studies, and Department Head.
  • Indicate final approval or disapproval of the exception (based on decision of the review committee) on the Petition for Exception form and return signed copy to the student’s academic adviser.
  • Notifies student via email of the decision associated with the petition and copies members of the review committee in on the email notification.

** Criteria considered when reviewing petitions

  • Extenuating circumstances
  • Student's academic commitment
  • Degree of student burden