Alan  Graefe 

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Contact Information

701J Donald H. Ford Building
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park PA 16802


(fax) 814-867-1751


Ph.D., from Texas A&M University

Research Interests

Outdoor recreation behavior and management, human dimensions of natural resources, water-based recreation carrying capacity

Selected Publications

Lee, S. H., Graefe, A.R., & Li, C. L. (2007). The effects of specialization and gender on motivations and preferences for site attributes in paddling. Leisure Sciences 29, 355-373.

Burns, R. C. & Graefe, A. R. (2007). Constraints to outdoor recreation: Exploring the effects of disabilities on perceptions and participation. Journal of Leisure Research 39 (1), 156-181.

Burns, R. C. & Graefe, A. R. (2006). Toward understanding recreation fees: Impacts on people with extremely low income levels. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 24(2), 1-20.

Thapa, B., Graefe, A. R. & Meyer, L. A. (2006). Specialization and marine-based environmental behaviors among SCUBA divers. Journal of Leisure Research 38 (4), 601-615.

Graefe, A. R. & Thapa, B. (2004). Conflict in natural resource recreation. In Manfredo, M., J. Vaske, D. Field, P. Brown, and B. Bruyere (eds.), Society and Natural Resources: A Summary of Knowledge. Jefferson City, MO: Modern Litho, pp. 209-224.

Kyle, G. T., Bricker, K., Graefe, A. R., & Wickham, T. (2004). An Examination of Recreationists' Relationships with Activities and Settings. Leisure Sciences, 26(2), 123-142.

Kyle, G. T., Absher, J. D., & Graefe, A. R. (2003). The Moderating Role of Place Attachment on the Relationship Between Attitudes Toward Fees and Spending Preferences. Leisure Sciences. 25(1), 33-50.

Kyle, G. T., Graefe, A. R., & Manning, R., & Bacon, J. (2003). An Examination of the Relationship between Leisure Activity Involvement and Place Attachment among Hikers along the Appalachian Trail. Journal of Leisure Research, 35(3), 249-273.

Burns, R. C., Graefe, A. R., & Absher, J. D. (2003). Alternate Measurement Approaches to Recreational Customer Satisfaction: Satisfaction-Only Versus Gap Scores. Leisure Sciences, 25(4), 363-380.

Kerstetter, D. L., Confer, J. J., & Graefe, A. R. (2001). An Exploration of the Specialization Concept within the Context of Heritage Tourism. Journal of Travel Research, 39(3), 267-274.

Courses Taught

RPTM 497C Outdoor Recreation Consortium

RPTM 533 Leisure Studies, Survey, and Appraisals

Strategic Themes

  • Contexts and Social Institutions