Faculty Office Hours

RPTM Policy (Updated 5/31/06)

If full time RPTM faculty members are teaching one or more undergraduate courses they will post a minimum of three office hours per week to accommodate the students enrolled in the course(s) and their advisees. Students should be allowed to sign-up in advance for appointments.

However, faculty should be present in their office during the posted office hours even if students have not signed up to meet to respond to students stopping by to meet with the faculty member. If a faculty member will be unavailable for three consecutive work days, the faculty member should place a note on his/her door stating “I will be gone from (date) and will return (date). If you need assistance in my absence, please contact (name and phone number and office number).”

Faculty should also send an e-mail indicating the absence to: (a) their advisees, (b) students enrolled in their courses, (c) the undergraduate specialist (staff), (d) the undergraduate coordinator, (e) the academic adviser, and (f) the PIC of undergraduate education.