Graduate Faculty

Pete Allison

Ph.D. (Jordanhill Campus, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow)

Research Interests:

Values and Experiential Learning including: Youth Development through Sail Training, Cross Cultural Education (Connecting Cultures), Expeditions (Wilderness), Post Expedition Adjustment and Reverse Culture Shock, Historical Developments of Experiential Adventure Learning (Kurt Hahn, John Dewey, Aristotle (especially Phronesis), Ethical Dilemmas and Personal and Social Development

Birgitta Baker

Ph.D. (The Pennsylvania State University)

Research Interests:

Predictors and Outcomes of Physical Activity Behavior in Children and Young Adults. The Role of Parks and Recreation in Promoting Health and Community Development

John Dattilo

Ph.D. (Illinois)

Research Interests:

Social psychology of leisure and disability, applied behavior analysis, leisure education, therapeutic recreation, inclusive leisure services

Alan R. Graefe

Ph.D. (Texas A&M)

Research Interests:

Recreation use monitoring in the Pacific Northwest (U.S. Forest Service), water-based recreation carrying capacity (U.S. Forest Service & Army Corps of Engineers)

Carter Hunt

Ph.D. (Texas A&M)
Research Interests:
Tourism-supported biodiversity conservation and sustainable community development, impacts of tourism on both destination communities and on travelers, environmental anthropology, Latin America

Andrew Mowen

Ph.D. (Penn State)

Research Interests:

Urban park management, financing and acquiring park and recreation administration and program evaluation

Bing Pan

Ph.D. (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, Illinois)

Research Interests:

Big data in recreation and tourism, uses of information technologies in tourism industry, information systems, online behavior, and consumer behavior in tourism

Peter Newman

Ph.D. (University of Vermont)

Research Interests:

Visitor management to protected areas, Soundscape/acoustic management in parks, Transportation management and planning, Efficacy and communication of "leave no trace" principles

Derrick Taff

Ph.D. (Colorado State University)

Research Interests:

Visitor-use management in parks and protected areas, perceptions of soundscapes, Leave No Trace practices, crowding, alternative transportation, communication and information sources, and the role of natural sounds on human health