Current Graduate Student Listing

Lauren Abbott

Doctoral Candidate

B.S. Colorado State University, Natural Resource, Recreation & Tourism

Research Interests: Soundscapes

Yeganeh Aghazamani

Doctoral Candidate

Matthew Bakowicz

M.S. Candidate

B.S. RPTM, Penn State University

Research Interests: Internship Management in the Sport's Industry, Biomechanic Movements found in the Golf Swing and Using Statistics to Predict Athletic Performance

Austin Barrett

Doctoral Candidate

M.S. Pennsylvania State University

B.S. Clemson University

Research Interests: "Local Park and Recreation Services, Environmental/Heritage Interpretation, Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, Outdoor Recreation Planning."

Jordan Blair

Doctoral Candidate

M.S. Slippery Rock University, Parks & Recreation & Environmental Education

B.S. Clarion University, Biology, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Research Interests: Environmental Education, Environmental Impacts of Tourism, Marine Tourism and Outdoor Recreation

Hsin-Yu Chen

Doctoral Candidate

M.S. Florida State University

B.S. National Dong-Hwa University

Research Interests: Leisure Behavior, Culture Diversity, Women Aging.

Shang-Ti Chen

Doctoral Candidate

M.S. National Changhua University of Education, (Sports and Health)

B.S. National University of Kaohsiung, (Kinesiology, Health and Leisure Studies)

Research Interests: Inclusive Leisure Services, Assistive Technology, Healthy Aging and Disability, Promotion and Development of Healthy Lifestyles through Leisure

Chen-Wei Cheng

Doctoral Candidate

M.S. Chinese Culture University (International Business Administration)

B.S. National Taiwan University (Mechanical Engineering)

Research Interests: Ecotourism, Tourism Impacts

Phileshia Dombroski

Doctoral Candidate

Research Interests: Motivation of First Time Adult Users of Parks, Recreation, Arts and Culture Events in Northeastern PA and Organized Camping

Michael Ferguson

Doctoral Candidate in the Dual-title RPTM/HDNRE program

M.S. West Virginia University, (Recreation, Park and Tourism Resources)

B.S. West Virginia University, (Recreation, Park and Tourism Resources)

Research Interests: Energy Development, Climate Change, Public Land Management, Outdoor Recreation Behavior, Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and Social Carrying Capacity

Jie Gao

Doctoral Candidate

M.S. University of Missouri

Research Interests: Social Psychological Dimension of Tourism Management; Well-being Resulting from Travel Behaviors, the Role of Travel in Enhancing Happiness and Mental Health; Rural/Agri-tourism

Jaehyun Kim

Doctoral Candidate

M.S. University of Florida

B.S. Korea University

Research Interests: Health, Physically Active Leisure, Social Psychology of Leisure

Tammy Koerte

Doctoral Candidate

M.S. Pennsylvania State University (Recreation, Park and Tourism Management)

B.S. Purdue University (Hospitality and Tourism Management)

Research Interests: Tourism and Community Development, Youth Development in a Tourism Context

Eric Layland

Doctoral Candidate

M.S. Brigham Young University (Youth & Family Recreation)

B.S. Brigham Young University (Recreation Management)

Research Interests: Emerging Adulthood, Human Development, Identity, Discourse Analysis

Annie Marcinek

M.S. Candidate

B. S. Pennsylvania State University, (College of Liberal Arts), Schreyer Honors College

Research Interests: Ecotourism as an Alternative Development Strategy to Extractive Practices in South America, Fieldwork in Ecuadorian Amazon. Indigenous Community Organization; Development of Social Capital w/in Indigenous Communities in South America

Matthew McKinney

Dual-title Doctoral Candidate in Recreation, Park and Tourism Management and Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and the Environment

M.S. Penn State University (Recreation, Park and Tourism Management)

B.S. Penn State University (Recreation and Park Management)

Research Interests: Economic Impacts of Recreation, Fishing, Natural Resource Policy, Phenomenology, Sense of Place, and Specialization

Joel (Tom) Mueller

Doctoral Candidate

B.S. University of Montana, (Resource Conservation)

Research Interests: Conflict within and between Outdoor Recreation User Groups

Alison Murray

Doctoral Candidate

M.S. East Carolina University, Sustainable Tourism

B.S. N.C. State, Parks, Rec, Tourism & Commercial Rec.

Research Interests: Sustainable Tourism, Economic Development through Tourism

Jessica Nendza

M.S. Candidate

Kyle Olcott

Doctoral Candidate

M.S. West Virginia University (Recreation, Park and Tourism Resources)

B.A. Washington & Lee University (Philosophy)

Research Interests: Public Land Management, Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, Political Ecology, Environmental Values and Ethics, Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing and other Unconventional Energy Extraction on Public Lands

Maxwell Olsen

Doctoral Candidate

B.A. St. Lawrence University

Research Interests: Outdoor Recreation Behavior, Human Dimensions of Natural Resource and the Environment

Nicholas Pitas

M.S. University of New Hampshire

B.S. American University

Research Interests: Health & Wellness

Vincent Santucci

Doctoral Candidate

M.S. University of Pittsburgh

B.S. University of Pittsburgh

Research Interests: Paleontological Resources Management, Protection, Interpretation & Research

Forrest Schwartz

Doctoral Candidate

M.S. West Virginia University

B.S. West Virginia University

Research Interests: Outdoor Education, Program/Educational/Developmental Outcomes, Transfer of Learning

Mojtaba (Moji) Shahvali

Doctoral Candidate

M.S. Allameh Tabatabai University, Tehran, Iran (Tourism Management)

B.S. Shiraz University, Iran (English Language and Literature)

Research Interests: Travel and wellbeing

Kristin L. Thomas

Doctoral Candidate

M.A. Education Leadership in Higher Education in Student Affairs

Research Interests: Formal and Informal Educational Travel Behavior, Learning, and Student Development

Kimberly Wallace

Doctoral Candidate

M.S. University of Illinois (Recreation, Sport and Tourism)

B.A. Columbia College of Missouri (Psychology)

Research Interests: Leisure and Health, Motivators of Physical Activity, Effects of Disease on Physical Activity