The Recreation, Park and Tourism Management (RPTM) Internship is considered to be a full-time academic load for one semester (or summer session). Generally, the internship experience can be completed within the United States or abroad and involves forty hours per week for a period of twelve consecutive weeks. Students are required to register for RPTM 495A, and pay University tuition for 12 credits in the semester that they complete the internship. Upon successful completion of the RPTM Internship, students will receive 12 credits toward the total credits required for a bachelor of science degree in Recreation, Park and Tourism Management.

The primary purpose of the RPTM Internship is to enable each student to meet his or her educational objectives through participation in a well-planned and organized practical experience. The Internship, therefore, is an individualized program of study. Students are encouraged to seek and select internship agencies that offer a diversity of leadership and administrative opportunities in areas that correspond to their own professional goals. Students are also strongly encouraged to work with their academic advisers to ensure that the internships that they select best prepare them for their desired RPTM career.