Joe Malizia Spends Spring Break in Haiti

Joe Malizia, current student in the Community and Commercial Recreation Option spent his Spring Break in Haiti.

Within an hour of landing in we drove past mass graves, destroyed homes, government buildings in rubble, foreign military's, and extreme poverty- welcome to Haiti.12 college kids, no special training, no understanding of the language, and nothing but the items on their backs in a third world country that had just been hit by an earthquake. This spring break I had the amazing opportunity to serve the wonderful people of Haiti in the neighborhoods of Port Au' Prince. We went with Adventures in Missions, an interdenominational missions organization who works is countries all over the world serving people in need. The people were very excited to see us and interact with our group everywhere we went. Through translators we were able to build relationships with people in the community and assist them according to their needs. Our group was able deliver donated supplies to local pastors, play soccer- lots of soccer with the kids, clean up destroyed buildings, build tarp homes, provide basic first aid, and play dominoes with some adults in the area. Speaking to the people one consistent message was clear hope and desire to become a better Haiti. One man in particular was confined to a wheelchair- if you think its hard getting around a campus with a wheelchair, imagine being in a third word country. At the end of our trip he expressed sincere thanks to our group for taking the time to learn about him and the assist the people in his community. As recreational practitioners I saw the value of investing into opportunities for people through relationships and action in a place that had so little, but has the potential to do so much. The work was hard and far from over, but the love and learning we received made the experience completely worth it.

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