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The History: space & time was founded in 2008 by Shira Adriance and Angela Andiorio in Ithaca, NY as a consulting service dedicated to helping individuals and businesses have better work/life balance and overall well-being through therapeutic recreation and professional organizing interventions. Shira has moved on to do amazing things at fibre arts design studio in CA and Angela continues to run space & time.

Over the last three years, the service focus of space & time has shifted mainly to informal family caregivers of older adults and/or people with illnesses and disabilities. These caregivers are often unpaid, untrained and have difficulty juggling work, family-life, caregiving and other responsibilities.

Taking care of others can be extremely rewarding, but also challenging. To avoid burnout, caregivers are instructed to take time for themselves, get more exercise, get enough sleep, or do something they enjoy. This sounds like a great plan, but how do caregivers find time for this and which activities are the best in terms of stress reduction?

space & time is the answer to many caregiver needs like reducing stress, increasing free time and reconnecting with their loved one for whom they care. Caregivers can learn simple activities to do with their loved one to make the time spent together more meaningful and positive. Caregivers will be able to identify perceived or real barriers to leisure that they must overcome in order to enjoy a satisfying leisure lifestyle and enjoy every moment.

Angela L. Andiorio, CTRS

space & time

Empowering caregivers to enjoy every moment.

Cambridge, MA